vendredi 22 août 2014

I'm gonna go back to a face not a mask

ahoy! vacation induced lack of productivity!

hah I'm not gonna complain, I've gone places, I've read quite a bit, eaten a lot, slept tons, been a contented little bundle of uselessness, i've had a ton of fun!! so that's cool I guess c: .°

what's not so cool is that the little amount of stuff i've drawn looks like butt

but i'm posting it anyways for the sake of posting


                         it ain't so good ya feel


boo i'm so lazy

most of these are from le sketchbook-

oh! also- the website with just my craps!! bleh the drawings kinda suck on there and they're all already on this here blob BUT there are photos i've never posted on here that i'm kinda proud of- my camera spends a lotta time being a bit of a turd, so i guess i get a bit over excited when something looks halfway decent  heh

yeah, the web address is rather abysmal, yes, but i'm broke and can't get meeself a domain name

here here 


samedi 14 juin 2014

No. Stop. Every time you do that another Adam Sandler movie is made

☼  too much to study - too little brain ☼

hi by the way hope you're well

ink & watercollllloooouuurrrrr

kay bye bye now take care

lundi 9 juin 2014

if brains were dynamite you could blow the fuzz off a peach


Basically I should be working right now but yeah. I'm not. Too much too much homies too much heh. Exams are soon here, which means vacation is right around the coRNER AND I AM PUMPED (for the vacation bit, not the exams ayy i ain't masochistic)

Aaaanypoo, that's basically all I've got to say, cos the closest I've come to having a social life lately was that time I ordered pizzas. That was a good day. Oh wait! Summer is officially here which is a pretty big deal I gotta say~ i finally acknowledged that when i woke up at 4:30 AM this morning, all sweaty, flailing my arms around in an effort to annhialate a mosquito that was trying to turn my leg into a BMX track, and I realised that it was light outside.  Yeah, I can positively say that summer is here.

Drawing with a bad french literary pun yarh first I've painted something in like a month gah depressing
ah can't remember the source of the image i used to draw this lad ah sorry

Hi right~ went down to this super mysterious cage by my house and ha i nearly walked through a large cobweb with a fairly huge spider on it and i heard something and i swear i saw a snake and yeah fear haha. But hey, the place is super cool and pretty and cool and I like it despite the fact that the things that live in its proximity want me dead ♡♡♡♡♡ seriously tho, my stubborn-sometimes-pain-in-the-butt camera doesn't do it justice

Underneath the cage; kay lemme explain~ over the years, it has collapsed, and so here's the upper side where you can still walk in it. Further down where the entrance is, there's a tonn of thorns growing off the top of the cage down to the ground forming some sort of spiky wall (I took photos of all of that, but my camera refused to focus and so all them pictures look nasty- but yess, in the photo slightly above, you can kinda get the idea..?) so yes, this is where i got in, through a hole on top of the cage. if you walk towards the right of where the photo was taken,  the cage covers the ground, so you can walk on top of it.

ooh so eery

on top
aaaand xperimental shot, cardboard and monopoly house painted white heh. Gonna try another time when I'm more patient with my camera bleh

And here! you don't know what my face looks like, but now you know what my skeleton looks like. Wooh we gettin' intimate real quick here heh but yiss. Had to get an x-ray cos I sound like an elderly person every time I move


jeudi 8 mai 2014

No sleep no waking hours, only dreams


YAY I attacked my "serious" website for my artsy things, making it look all fancy pants and stuff (link coming soon), butbutbut yeah- I'm having a lil' crisis if you will, one that has come into existence


geezus crust

I didn't think anybody I knew would ever look at this website and now my self consciousness levels have reached the cosmos because humans that I know have shared this... thing, and thus other humans that I know have seen this... thing, and THEY KNOW gah. (so yeah we might know each other, anonymous reader- hello)
     So naturally, I'm hella diffident now because yeah before, I knew nobody was aware of this blog's existence, so I was like *heh chill- this drawing i hate? postit anyways! just to document whatchu do yo* *wooh go cray don't care about what ya write because nobody cares* but now, it's more like *they see- they see all- (do not offend, do not be weird they know everything and they judge)* etc. Yes, I am fully aware that it's °doltish° or whatever for me to suddenly care, but I'm a teenage girl, and that's just what I do what are my hormones doing why am I standing up and heading towards the kitchen I need more chocolate i'll be right back ah

I didn't end up putting any effort into actually embellishing all this in the end, because flipping turtlemittens, I am weird, despite my misleading facade of effortless coolness. But yes, please promise me you won't diagnose me with bipolarity or ADHD or something. I swear, in person, I'm less... this. ("This" btw is the product of stress, sugar, and procrastination, you see yes yes science)


I've been reclusive and boring lately because laziness and school and total lack of motivation to life 
Oh yes, something important occured! Amnesty international hosted a lovely fundraising event, and holy stinking stink, they let me participate! Check 'em out if you don't know what they do, because they're basically marvellous individuals who do awesome things to make the world less crappy:) It was my first time having other people actually look at my paintings, and goodness, I was completely unprepared!! 
Really though, I was a mess haha having 5 paintings framed the same day as they needed to be hung on the walls? JUST PUT A BIG O'L CHECK IN THAT BOX having to go with presenting a painting that I couldn't even bring myself to look at for a prolonged amount of time (eg. two seconds) CHECK, forgetting to put any contact info anywhere CHEEEECK, aaand include me forgetting my ability to socialize right over there, in that dark corner in my room next to my laptop CHECKITTY CHECK, BABY. Hope you don't mind if i call you baby. Yeah no, scratch that, too weird, i cringed, i withdraw that, let's just remain friends sorry

I try not to complain so much in real life, but yes hi i need people to rant to and you are my victim right now thanks

 if you managed to read all of that, here take this complementary virtual coupon for your local psychiatrist's office because dear lord, you're a strong one and i am very sorry that you have subjected yourself to this, seek help


samedi 19 avril 2014

You're incomparable, like a


(and ooh do not fret, Imma clean some of these lads up a lil more when i have more time- yeah i know i did the sloppiest job ever whitening the backgrounds haha)
Took a moment to photoshop out THE WORST BACKGROUND I'VE EVER MADE *phew*  it was bad you guys
haha so ridiculously lazy omg

geography class is my fave

whoa scandalouss

completely forgot that i painted this lad! this has been in the confines of my desk for maybe 4 months now heh sorry unfinished rainbow man
breaking in a new sketchbook:>

this song yes